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Happy New Year!

Posted by Kyla Cotant on

We all can collectively agree that putting 2020 in the rear view mirror is a good thing. 

I'm not here to dwell on the past, but rather looking forward to the new year, new opportunities and hopeful for what positives will come! 

I haven't done much as far as posting a lot of information about myself, I don't talk about myself much as I am one to focus more on other people, my customers and my family. 

I have been in customer service since I was 16. Constantly a face of whatever job I was at, whether it were fast food front counter, A major retailer salesperson, even doing a call center customer service job!

My longtime dream and goal for my "professional" life was to be a small business owner. I loved working for large companies but ultimately it was the customers that I loved to meet. They each had stories, places they had been, where they were going, kids, grandkids.... I learned more from the customers than anybody.

If you can't tell by the wide range of products in my online store, I can't just choose "one main focus" line. This is because I want to provide ad much as possible for the best possible price to everyone. I see inflated prices everywhere, I have paid for many items inflated beyond a reasonable amount and I just honestly got tired of it.

Yes, a business needs to make money... But not to take advantage of their customers. 

What products are you looking for that maybe I just haven't listed? 

If there is a possibility that I can get it, I will absolutely give it a try! 

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, without my customers, I wouldn't be doing what I love... Or is it, loving what I do?